Community Engagement

When the project starts commissioning, it will generate about 2.2 billion kWh of clean energy every year, fulfilling 90% of the non-industrial electricity demand of Yunlin County. A part of the resulting revenue stream will be donated to the welfare of local communities in accordance with “Regulations for Implementing and Supervising Electricity Development Assistance Fund.”

A committee shall be set up to ensure that the allocation to the assistance funds is transparent. This will be based on the most appropriate use to support community activities. This should explicitly not be limited to long-term care services for the elderly and disabled, rehabilitation of fisheries resources, etc., but should cover as many different areas as possible.

The aim is to help encourage more younger generations to return to Yunlin County. The project will also create long-term O&M employment opportunities in the region, with priority given to workers from the local community. In addition, a NTD 100 million Youth Entrepreneurship Fund will be established to help young people start their own businesses.

The team members of Yunlin Offshore Wind Project also enjoy participating in community activities, experiencing local culture, and feeling the enthusiasm of local population:

Quianshuizang in 2020

Following our participation from past years, the OWF Yunlin team participated again in the Quianshuizang ceremony. This year (2020), we also invited our operation and maintenance partner for OWF Yunlin, Taiwan country manager- Marcel Meins from Deutsche Windtechnik to join the ceremony.

Building fishing raft

Boziliao in Yunlin’s Sihu Township is home to a high-quality coastal fishery industry, rich historic culture and breathtaking natural environments.

Kouhu Quianshuizang

The Kouhu Quianshuizang is the largest religious ceremony in Taiwan, dedicated to freeing the spirits of those who have passed in the flood of 1845 and forms a deep and meaningful part of the locals’ culture and traditions.

Finally, a large 640 MW offshore wind farm project involves a large number of contracts and other deals that generate a significant amount of stamp duty for the local government. The stamp duty for the project is NTD 60 million, which has provided additional funding to local governments to better serve local communities.

Environmental Education

The wpd Environmental Education Center (wpdeec) in Taiwan pursues the concept of promoting wind energy education and ecological sustainability. wpdeec was founded in 2018 in the Daan district in the city of Taichung and uses one of wpd's own onshore wind turbines as a teaching facility to design wind energy and ecological lesson plans. The main target of the project is schools, and almost one thousand people per year come from different districts and cities to participate.

Over the past two years, wpdeec has worked with the neighbouring communities and primary schools of the Yunneng offshore wind farm, junior high schools, communities and environmental education centres. Visits to the onshore wind farms or interactive RE activities have been organised, but also a historical study of the local ancestral temple was carried out together with the local YunTech University. We also sponsored a week-long OWF "Interactive VR Exhibition" with another local University. One of the events held here in 2019 was the "Popular Science and Education with Environmental Education" event with hundreds of participants from elementary schools in Yunlin County.

The next step is to conduct educational activities on marine conservation in Yunlin together with local NGOs, schools and communities. These activities will focus on the white dolphin in Taiwan. This is in the hope of raising public awareness of the measures the project has taken to reduce the environmental impact on the marine environment, especially on whales, during the OWF's construction work.

Tung-Men Elementary School, Hsinchu

An environmental education lecturer visited Tung-Men Elementary School in Hsinchu under Hsinchu’s famous autumn winds. Young students here grow up with the company of winds and thus are quite familiar with winds. Nevertheless, after finding out winds’ dominant role in offshore wind power generation, they had sparkles in their eyes and all seemed to become the vanguard of wind power.

Little guys and huge wind turbines

Students in Hai-Chian Elementary School near wpdeec had their first close visits to wind turbines after they had been being neighbors with these giants during studies for several years. The little guys had a special experience of meeting huge wind turbines in person.

Introduction to estuarine ecology

In the height of summer, students from Tan-Yang Elementary School in Taichung with conical bamboo hats on their heads for sun protection engaged in wind turbine experiential learning at wpdeec, got an understanding of estuarine ecology, and had fun learning in nature while playing wind power related games.

Jian-Yang Elementary School

Jian-Yang Elementary School, the closest school to Yunneng’s wind farm, located near Po-Tzu-Liao, Sihu Township, is a long-established elementary school with a beautiful environment. The principal Jui-Chang Huang, starting from his repairing of a wooden crescent blade for his son, has unexpectedly become a master craftsman of wooden pens. Indebted to professors from National Formosa University in Yunlin for the introduction, Jian-Yang Elementary School and wpd have built a bond of friendship.

Wind turbines built at sea

“Wind Turbines Built at Sea - Exhibition of Taiwan’s First VR Interactive News” was held at National Formosa University in Yunlin for one week. To share