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For making you feel comfortable to use all related Internet services and information provided by this website, Yunneng Wind Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called the "Company") hereby would notify you of the following matters in expressing the Company’s Privacy and Cookie Policy (hereinafter called the "Policy") to protect your related rights.

一、 個人資料蒐集類別
Categories of Personal data Collection

  • 為提昇服務品質及加強服務,本公司將於網站內,透過包含但不限於反映專區、聯絡我們蒐集您的個人資料。透過提供前開服務,本公司將有可能蒐集您包含但不限於姓名、聯絡電話、電子信箱、網際網路協定IP位址、其他任何可辨識本人之資料,取得您同意的紀錄、關於本公司網站的資訊(如:您使用的裝置種類)、以及您提供給本公司之看法與意見。
  • In order to improve service quality and enhance services, the Company will collect your personal data within the scope of this website by including but not limited to “Tell us” and “Contact us”. By providing the services mentioned above, the Company will collect your personal data which is including but not limited to name, phone number, E-mail address, internet protocol IP address, any other information that can identify the principal, records of your consents, information about our Sites (e.g., the type of device you are using), and any views or opinions you provide to us.
  • 本公司不會要求您提供敏感性資料(如:醫療、政治傾向、宗教信仰、犯罪紀錄、基因、性取向等),同時也要求您不要提供這樣的資料,若您仍決定提供這些資料,本公司將依本政策處理。
  • The Company will not require you to provide sensitive personal data (e.g., medical records, political inclination, religions belief, criminal records, genetics, and sexual orientation), and further request such data not be provided. Any such data provided to the Company voluntarily, however, will be processed in accordance with this Policy.

二、 個人資料的處理、目的、利用期間、地區及對象、方式
Processing, Purposes, Period, Area and Recipients of Personal Data, and Methods of Which the Personal Data is Used

  • 本公司基於以下目的而蒐集、處理、利用您所提供之個人資料:向您提供服務、運作和改善本公司網站與營運,以提供更有效率之服務、進行客戶服務品質調查及分析、加強與您的溝通聯繫、相關法律之遵循。
  • The Company collects, processes and uses personal data you provided for the following purposes: to provide our services to you; to operate and improve the Company’s website to provide more effective services; to conduct customer service quality survey and analysis; to enhance the communication with you; compliance with applicable law.
  • 期間:您的個人資料之利用期間將依照蒐集之特定目的、相關法令(包含但不限於中華民國民法、個人資料保護法等)而有所不同、因執行本公司業務所須之必要保存期間(較法規規定期間長者)或依個別契約所定之保存年限為利用存續期間。
  • Period: The period of using your personal data is different according to the specific purpose of the collection, the relevant laws and regulations (e.g., Civil Code, Personal Information Protection Act of R.O.C. etc.) The necessary retention period required for the operation of the business (if longer than the period prescribed by the laws or regulations) or the retention years set by the individual contract shall be regarded as the period of preservation and use.
  • 地區及對象:您的個人資料將用於本公司及本公司所屬集團內於全球各地之企業所在地,並可能與我們的簽約商及法律主管機關分享。
  • Area and Recipients: Your personal data will be used in the Company and business office around the world of wpd Group, and might be shared with our contractors, legal and regulatory authorities.
  • 方式:符合個人資料保護相關法令以自動化機器或其他非自動化之利用方式,包括但不限於建檔、揭露、轉介、處理、國際傳輸或為其他合理使用。
  • Method: Comply with personal data protection laws and process the data with automated machines or other non-automated use, including but not limited to profiling, disclosing, referring, sharing, transferring abroad, or other proper use.

三、 當事人個人資料之權利
The Rights of the Data Subject

  • 依據相關法規,本公司持有您個人資料時,除非出於技術性、法律因素或受到其他限制而無法配合,您可以行使下述權利:查詢或請求閱覽、請求製給複製本、請求補充或更正、請求停止蒐集、處理或利用、請求限制處理、限制自動決策、請求刪除(但若個人資料處理係屬必要而依相關個資法令,該等資料不適用於刪除權之行使時,本公司可能因此無法進行作業及回覆)、請求資料攜出。
  • Subject to applicable law, when the Company holds your personal data, you can exercise the following rights unless there are any technical, legal or other restrictions: any inquiry and request for a review of your personal data; any request to make duplications of your personal data; any request to supplement or correct your personal data; any request to discontinue collection, processing or use of your personal data; any request to limit processing your personal data; any request to limit automatic decision making; any request to delete your personal data (However, if your personal data processing is necessary and such information is not applicable for deletion in accordance with the laws and regulations,, the Company may not be able to perform and reply accordingly); any request to bring out your personal data.

四、 Cookies的運用
Access of Cookies

  • 為提供更好服務品質,當您使用本公司網站時,本公司的網站可能會透過Cookies提供使用者相關功能服務。若您選擇不同意Cookies的存取,您可以透過瀏覽器的設定選擇拒絕接受Cookies,但在您拒絕Cookies存取後,將無法正常使用本公司網站。
  • To provide better service, the Company's website may provide user-related functional services through cookies. If you do not agree to the access of cookies, you may remove the cookies through the browser's settings. However, if you refuse cookies, you may not be able to use our global information network or mobile website under normal circumstances.

五、 資料安全
Data Security

  • 本公司已採取適當的技術上及組織上的安全措施以保護您的個人資料的安全,請您務必確認傳送個人資料給本公司的過程之安全性。
  • The Company implement appropriate technical and organisational security measures to protect your personal data. Please ensure that any personal data that you send to us are sent securely.

六、 網站對外網路連結
Links to outside websites

  • 本公司網站的網頁提供其他網站的網路連結,您也可經該等連結的點選進入其他網站。但該連結網站不適用本政策,您必須參考該連結網站中的隱私權保護政策。
  • This website contains links to outside websites. These links when clicked will take visitors to third-party websites. Please be advised that these outside websites are not covered by this Policy. You should consult the respective privacy and security policies of these outside websites.

七、 隱私權政策修訂
Adjustments for the Privacy Policy

  • 本公司將定期檢視本政策並保留隨時依業務及法規變動逕行修訂本政策的權利。任何新修訂的內容將會呈現於此網頁。
  • The Company will regularly review this Policy and reserves the right to amend this Policy at any time in line with business and regulatory changes. Any new revised version of this Policy will be presented on this page.

八、 準據法暨管轄法院
Law and jurisdiction

  • 因本公司網站造成之爭訟均以中華民國法律為準據法,並以台灣台北地方法院為第一審管轄法院。
  • Any dispute, claim, matter of construction or interpretation arising out of and from or in any way relating to this website shall be governed by the law of Taiwan and be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the District Court of Taipei, Taiwan.

九、 聯繫方式
Contact details


If you have any queries or comments about our Policy, please contact info@owf-yunlin.tw