It’s Yunlin’s time to develop the local economy: German firm wpd does more than just establish wind farms

Get close to neighbors - “a-tok-á” engineers learn to wrap sticky rice dumplings

To thank German firm wpd for donating air conditioners to all classrooms of 8th grade and thus creating a more comfortable environment for students, taking advantage of approaching Dragon Boat Festival, Parents' Association President Pao-Chen Feng and Principal Chun-Hsien Lin of Douliu Junior High School in Yunlin County invited wpd’s foreign engineers to experience Dragon Boat Festival customs of wrapping sticky rice dumplings and egg balancing with students in home economics class today (June 5), and hope the guests may get to know Yunlin’s culture and folklore more.

Yunlin’s Deputy County Mayor Shu-Ya Hsieh also participated in this activity and demonstrated how to wrap sticky rice dumplings, hoping that “a-tok-á” (“foreign” in Taiwanese) engineers from Germany may feel Taiwan’s most beautiful friendship and culture while they contribute to economic development in Yunlin far from home. The engineers were much moved by the fact that they could wrap sticky rice dumplings quite successfully under the teaching.

Shu-Ya Hsieh stated that Yunlin county government advocates “coexistence and mutual prosperity” of corporations and Yunlin, and she also declared “it’s Yunlin’s time” to develop the local economy, attract leading enterprises to invest in Yunlin, and show Yunlin to the world. Regarding wpd’s coming investment and construction of around 100 billion in Yunlin, Deputy County Mayor thinks it’s a great opportunity for Yunlin and hopes foreign corporations promote the development of industries and create local job opportunities, enabling young people from Yunlin to come back to or stay in their hometowns for working.

Some Yunlin county councilors, such as Yunlin county council speaker Tsung-Lung Shen, Cheng-Hsin alliance convener Wen-Hsiang Huang, Min-I alliance convener Yu-Min Wang and KMT council caucus convener Chien-Hung Lin, joined the activity as well and had fun with these foreign friends, who really enjoyed the councilors’ accompany.

Yunlin county council speaker Tsung-Lung Shen said that Yunlin used to rely on highly polluting traditional industries but failed to leave the circular economy with sustainable development to the next generation. He hopes the government and council collaborate with each other to attract investments, welcome eco-friendly corporations around the world to invest in Yunlin, and further industries’ connections with and integration into Yunlin.

wpd Taiwan’s chairperson Yun-I Wang expressed her thanks for this activity. She also indicated that her foreign colleagues, who traveled almost 10,000 kilometers to work in Taiwan, all feel Yunlin’s warm and welcoming vibe and will definitely look for opportunities to share German pork knuckles and German beer with friends and neighbors in Yunlin.

Yun-I Wang pointed out that 15 international banks and 3 export credit agencies have closed the financing of wpd’s project in Yunlin, which reflects foreign investors’ affirmation of Yunlin’s investment environment and the county government’s administration. She emphasized that wpd, as a German firm, pays great attention to environmental protection and sustainable development and will fulfill its social responsibility, hoping to achieve coexistence and mutual prosperity with Yunlin.