As part of our Localization Strategy for Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm, we are fully committed to support the development of the local industry and to involve local companies into the project´s supply chain, wherever possible. For Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm the production of the foundations is split between local companies and suppliers in Europe. The Transition Pieces (TPs) are being produced by European manufacturer Smulders and Taiwanese supplier CTCI Machinery (CTCI M), both companies have been assigned to produce 40 TPs.

Wpd´s Localization Strategy has provided CTCI M the opportunity to apply their existing know-how from plant engineering in a new business field. For the production of our Transition Pieces, a newly built production facility has been used.

Since September 2019, TPs are being manufactured in Kaoshiung, Taiwan. Until today, already 35 out of 40 TPs standing at CTCIMs storage area undergoing final assembly works and final Harbour Acceptance Tests (HATs) before going offshore.

HATs are necessary to ensure the functionality of the electrical equipment and installed parts are according to wpd's QA standards. The tests will be performed by the manufacturer CTCIM and always accompanied by one representative of Yunneng Project.

Among others, testing of electrical functionality will be performed on the solar panels on top of the TP cover, on visibility lanterns, cable trays, WiFi modules, service cranes, cameras, radars, CCTVs, microphones, smoke detectors, transformer cabinets, dehumidifiers, earthing connections and of course the switchgear.

After this final step, we will be able to finally celebrate our significant achievement in cross country cooperation with our locally fabricated Transition Pieces, and we can proudly say: We are ready to go offshore in Taiwan!