Environmental Impact Assessment ; EIA

In order to optimize the project development and minimize the potential environmental impacts from different aspects, the Project YUN went through the EIA processes in 2017-2018 in accordance with the Environmental Impact Assessment Act. The Environment Impact Statement (EIS) of the Project was approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on 21st of Jun. 2018. 

The approved EIS is published on EPA official website:

(1060591A) Offshore Wind Farm Yunlin - Construction Plan- Environmental Impact Statement

Environmental Monitoring

The project has developed an Environmental Monitoring Plan in order to understand the status quo of the environment and keep tracking the environmental impact brought by the development of the project. The monitoring of the pre-construction, construction and operation phases is based on various criteria that reflect important environmental aspects.

Supervision & Information Disclosure

The project has established an EIA Monitoring Committee which will hold regular review meetings and will also seek advice from experts, government officials and local NGOs. All relevant information will be made available to the public on a website.

EIA Report