WPD Group, a German company, values environmental protection and sustainable development. The company has long been committed to “co-existence, co-survival, and co-prosperity” with the locality.


During the Mid-autumn Festival, foreign engineers from Germany specially created a beer festival for the locals, and the company’s limited-edition beer was served. People from four communities in Sihu Township, namely Lunbei, Lunnan, Wukuai, and Xilun, were invited to a barbecue, beer, and raffle draw at Santiaolun HaiChing Temple, where they shared the warmest mid-autumn festival reunion event. At the same time, WPD Taiwan combines European beer festivals and Taiwan’s mid-autumn BBQ activities to promote cultural exchanges and incorporate customs and cultures, such as “reunion,” “sharing,” and “human touch.” The WPD sponsored a thousand-person BBQ evening event on the evening of the mid-autumn festival event (1st), with the theme “WPD’s expression of gratitude during mid-autumn reunion.” The WPD sponsored a 1,000-person BBQ evening event at the Santiaolun HaiChing Temple. Fishermen from Sihu Township and foreign engineers from Germany were invited to join the fun with a selection of premium pork and local food ingredients from Yunlin. The good wine and delicious seasonal dishes were served to the local fishermen while also allowing the foreign employees to learn about Taiwan’s humanities and culture.


WPD Group COO Achim Berge Olsen stated during the event’s opening address: “Co-prosperity development with Yunlin is WPD’s commitment to the residents.” This commitment is reflected not only in the industrial sector, but also in local investments, industry–academia collaboration, professional technology related exchanges and training, as well as the creation of job opportunities. WPD hopes, with a grateful heart, to establish an emotional bond with the local residents through social feedback activities, thereby concentrically realizing the local creation of “take from the neighborhood and give back to the neighborhood.” “Yunlin relied on the highly polluted traditional industry in the past, failing to actively develop a sustainable circular economy,” Yunlin County Council Deputy Speaker Su Chun-Hao responded. The county government has made a concerted effort in recent years to move toward the vision of dual capital of green energy and agriculture. I highly anticipate seeing how WPD can help Yunlin’s circular economy development results through green energy.” “Sihu Township shows obvious population aging with the continuous youth population outflow,” said Sihu Township head Su Kuo-Lung. “I am deeply moved seeing WPD invite everyone to Sihu Township for a reunion barbecue this mid-autumn festival. I hope that WPD will continue to invest in Yunlin and provide local employment opportunities so that those who have moved away will stay and develop in Sihu Township in the long run, not just during the mid-autumn festival!”


WPD Group is committed to investing in green energy for Yunlin County, bringing clean energy and abundant industrial momentum to the area. Simultaneously, it will fulfill its corporate responsibility while also providing economic benefits to the community. To care for Yunlin County residents and achieve diverse co-prosperity through “co-existence, co-survival, and co-prosperity,” an in-depth link with the industry, government, academia, and local cultural humanities will be established.